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With our specialty being Comic Books & Graphic Novels, we've

helped several IPs, Indie Publishing Houses and Writers

bring their story and characters to life.

You'll find links to our published works here. 

M Cover Page 0.png

A gritty graphic novel being published by Story Avenue Comics.


M has been beautiful all her life, and that was her curse. Subject to sexual advances and abuse from young boys to grown men at a young age, she always felt unsafe and undervalued.

After a brutal home invasion and murder of her partner. M decided that from then on, she would no longer be a victim. M while her body recovered in the hospital, her mind was racing, reliving events, back and forth, looking for the moment she missed, the moment that could have avoided all of this...this pain...the loss…the darkness. A voice inside of her gives her the strength and the power she needs to fight.



Stratagem is a fantasy comic book series

set in Ancient America.



The mysterious Ancient One reveals his secret order to the wounded and disgraced Lamanite warrior, Zerahemnah, who is transformed into General Manik. They form a secret combination to empower General Manik to fracture the Nephite government with insurrections. As always, the threat of the Lamanites claiming the Throne of All Lands is ever present. But does the Ancient One have plans of his own?
Zerahemnah's Nephite rival, Joran (who scalped Zerahemnah and cost him his legacy) suffers a terrible tragedy that places him on the path of destiny. High Priest Alma begins to suspect the Nephites have an unseen enemy. He and his son Helamen discover the terrifying prophecy of RedFall along with the hope to save their people from it. The Nephite nation edges closer towards collapse...

Cover Page.png

Phoenix Rising:
Chapter One

A Fast-Paced Thrilling Short

Graphic Novel



Step into a visually stunning future of 2035, a world dominated by mind-controlled space-age drones. The world is at risk, and salvation lies in the hands of one man whose personal stakes couldn't be higher.

Witness the heart-racing journey of Tony Simmons, an intrepid Air Force major with a unique skill—the command of the deadliest drones known to man, the Devastators.

Through evocative illustrations, you'll be thrust into Tony's battle as he fights to save his family from the clutches of unknown enemies while wrestling with betrayals and deadly pursuits. Harnessing his extraordinary powers and maneuvering through daunting adversities, Tony embarks on a time-pressed mission, igniting a story that's both adrenaline-charged and deeply emotional.

Rachel Cover.png

My Name is Rachel

Highschool is tough, combine that with cults and ego-maniacs and you have a problem.



Third book set in the Gaius Universe and done in Collaboration with Imaginative Visions.

After becoming a victim of a sexual assault from a fellow student. High school senior Rachel Tanaka tries to put her life back together and find the strength to speak out against her assaulter. 


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