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Who Are We?

Established in late 2019 and based in Pakistan.

We are a Art Studio that specializes in 2D artwork and frame-by-frame Animation.

Whether you need artwork for your upcoming  

Comic / Manga or Concept  Art 

for your video game, our team of seasoned

digital artists will deliver high quality work.

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We create high quality character and background concepts that match your vision.

Whether you're looking to design a   protagonist for your next big story or need some character concepts made

for your video game, we have

you covered.


Our team of in-house artists have experience working in a variety of

art styles.

We will turn your script to reality. 

Our studio has helped several IPs,

Indie Publishers and Comic Book Writers

bring their worlds to life.

Whether it's for a passion project or you're   looking for experienced comic artists to draw your story, just give us an idea of the kind of

art style you're after, what influences you  

and leave the rest to us!


Crafting motion magic, one frame at a time!

Our 2D animation expertise bring your stories to life with a personal touch. From traditional frame-by-frame to modern motion graphics, our talented team animates with passion and precision.

We collaborate with you to create captivating characters, engaging narratives, and memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. Let's animate your vision together!


Reach us for any queries or Quotations
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